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Pigments for the construction industry

Pigment price

The pigment, the price of which is available for construction organizations, offered by our company and intended for coloring concrete and various products from concrete mixtures, is an iron oxide dye. Various decorative effects can be obtained using coloring mineral substances during the construction of building objects. By adding the inorganic pigments from natural materials, offered by our company, to concrete mixes, it is possible to color paving slabs and other products. In particular, we sell iron oxides that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation, insoluble in water and non-flammable, resistant to various aggressive chemical influences, negative weather influences.

If you need to buy a pigment for coloring concrete, then its cost is important, since the color of the final product depends on the amount of dye introduced into the concrete mixture. Thus, if a rich color is needed, dyes are needed in larger quantities and their cost will have a greater influence on the final cost of purchasing the product.

At the same time, it should be noted that when the dye is added to the concrete mixture, the intensity of coloring at the first stage increases linearly. Subsequently, there comes a point when the amount of added substance ceases to have a significant effect on the color of the concrete mixture. Further addition becomes unreasonable.

The so-called saturation range depends not only on the characteristics of the coloring agent, but also on the concrete. On average, the amount of colorants added to the solution should not exceed 5% of its volume. Globalchim LLC offers high-quality iron oxide pigment, the price of which is acceptable and, taking into consideration the possibility of giving concrete products a decorative color that increases their cost, is justified.

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