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Blue pigment

Blue pigment (Mineral pigment blue 1001, Russia) is used in the construction industry for painting concrete, paving tiles, roofing tiles, artificial stone.

The recommended percentage of the addition of coloring pigment is from 2% to 5% of the total weight of the binder (for example, cement) and depends on the desired color of the product, as well as on economic feasibility. The addition of more than 5% pigment to the concrete composition can lead to an excessive increase in the fine fraction of the material, an increase in the moisture absorption of the concrete mixture and a deterioration in the technical characteristics of concrete, such as a decrease in strength, frost resistance and other parameters.

Areas of application 

The iron oxide blue pigment is becoming an increasingly important component in the construction industry. Its main applications include:

  • concrete staining. The pigment allows you to give the concrete a blue shade, which makes the material more attractive from an aesthetic point of view and meets the requirements of the project.
  • paving slabs. It is used for coloring paving slabs, providing a stable and rich color.
  • tiles. It is used in the production of roofing materials to create a variety of shades, giving the roof a stylish and modern look.
  • artificial stone. Blue iron oxide is used to color artificial stone, making it more natural and attractive;
  • as well as the production of paints, primers and fillers.

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