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Low-melting bicomponent polyester fiber

Low-melting bicomponent fiber is used for thermal bonding of fibers in the manufacture of nonwovens and fillers. It is widely used in the construction, agricultural, footwear, food, furniture industries, as well as in manufacturing:

  • medical products (surgical overalls, masks, napkins, bandages, sheets, etc.);
  • synthetic fiber;
  • hygienic products (diapers, pads);
  • cars (for interior upholstery and sound insulation);
  • geotextiles, covering materials for construction, road and landscape works.

Features of bicomponent fiber

Bicomponent fiber (BKV) is obtained by combining polyesters (or propylene) and polyethylene, which during processing form a core that gives strength and a shell. It has a low connection temperature and binding properties for other types of fibers, if necessary, to give color, antibacterial properties, etc. The nonwoven fabric obtained as a result of heat treatment and connection of 2 components is characterized by:

  • antistatic;
  • softness;
  • high level of thermal insulation;
  • hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity;
  • elasticity;
  • light resistance , etc.

Where to buy bicomponent fiber

Globalchem LLC is a company that holds a leading position in Belarus in the supply of high—quality feed, polyester products, feed additives from well-known foreign manufacturers. On the website, you can order and buy wholesale 4D x 51 mm bicomponent fiber at favorable prices.

Name of product Fiber Density, Den Cutting Length,mm
Low-melting bicomponent fiber (BICO)
Virgin, color white 4 51
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