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Iron oxide black

Black iron oxide (FEPREN B630, Czech Republic; BAUCOLOR 600, Poland) – is used for coloring materials used in floor finishing (such as paving slabs), as well as concrete.

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How is black iron oxide used

It is used similarly to similar dyes – it is added to concrete at the stage of preparing the solution. Before you do this, there are a few things you should know:

  • the proportion of pigment should not exceed 5% of the total mass of concrete;
  • when hot pressing, it is necessary to add thermally stabilized iron oxide, otherwise it will change color;
  • if the proportion of dye is less than 2%, coloring may not occur – coloring is carried out due to the dispersion of particles, and not a chemical reaction;
  • This shade is not used to tint tiles and other roof cladding materials.

In order for black iron oxide to maximize its coloring properties and not distort the properties of the main building material, the proportion must be strictly observed. If the amount of pigment exceeds 5%, this can lead to an excessive increase in the fine fraction, an increase in the water requirement of the concrete mixture and a deterioration in the technological properties of concrete (reduced strength, frost resistance, etc.).

Buying black iron oxide is recommended for those who often work with paving slabs and low-rise construction. This pigment is quite popular and easy to use.

Order black iron oxide

Black pigment for concrete is available for purchase in 25 kg paper bags. Wholesale and retail sales are possible. Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Belarus. Pickup is possible when ordering to companies located near our warehouse.

Globalchim ​​LLC sells iron oxide BAUCOLOR 600 and FEPREN B630 to various construction companies, in small and large quantities.

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