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Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is one of the most popular types of synthetic fiber, revolutionized the polymer niche.  This is a universal raw material that is used to produce a wide variety of nonwoven fabrics. Synthetic fiber is used in various industries, which best explains its popularity.

Synthetic fibers are offered wholesale in Belarus by companies specializing primarily in the supply of chemical products. The company Globalchim, which specializes in the supply of feed mixtures and industrial chemicals in bulk, also offers to buy polyester fiber. The company offers different items: HCS/HCnS, RSS/RSnS, low-melting biocomponent p/w. Delivery is carried out not only in Minsk, it is also available for other cities in Belarus.

Prices for synthetic fibers are lower than artificial and natural materials, which led to their widespread use in all areas.

Virgin fiber is carried out by molding from a melt of polyethyleneterftalat.

Recycled fiber is the result of recycling PET materials.

Polyester fiber, the composition of which meets the standards, is a leader compared to synthetic analogues, and the reason for this is its properties.

The main properties of polyester fiber

  • Good heat resistance – the heat resistance of the polyester fibers exceed most natural and chemical fibers – at 180°C, they remain 50%strength. Polyester fibers light up with difficulty and go out after removing the fire source; Upon contact with a spark and electric shut, they do not absorb.
  • Resistance to the effects of light ships, solvents, microorganisms, moths, mold, carpet bug;
  • Low thermal conductivity and great elasticity, which allows them to obtain products that preserve in shape from them;
  • Resistance to abrasion and resistance to multiple bends of polyester fibers lower than that of polyamide, and shock strength is higher;
  • The strength of the polyester fibers is higher than the chemical fibers;
  • With greater than natural fibers, the strength of the polyester fibers is much easier, the water absorption level is much lower;
  • The fibers are dissolved in phenols, partially (with destruction) – in concentrated sulfur and nitric acids; They are completely destroyed when boiling in concentrated alkalis.

The use of fibers is due to these properties. There is a whole range of polyester fibers, formed by different types – textured, filament, staple, monofilament and BCF (bulk filament). Staple samples are used to produce yarn.

Scope of application

Polyester material is used in the production of insulation materials, blended yarns, artificial fur, non-woven fabrics and ropes. Tergal, lavsan, dacron, terylene – all these fabrics are made from polyester threads. Polyesters are used in tire reinforcement, in the production of insulation and filters, and are used as the basis for floor coverings and roofing. That is, this is a huge range of products of different types – from decor and home textiles to the manufacture of building structures. It is important that the cost of these products is lower, as is the final price, which contributes to even greater demand.

The next assortment of polyester fibers is constantly present in our warehouse in Minsk

Name of fiber Fiber Density Cutting length
Hollow conjugate siliconeized (HCS) virgin fiber 15D – 7D – 3D 64 mm
Hollow conjugate non-suliconized (HCnS) virgin fiber 15D – 7D – 3D 64 mm
Low-melting fiber 4D 51 mm
Hollow conjugate siliconeized (HCS) regenerated fiber 15D – 7D 64 mm
Hollow conjugate non-suliconized (HCnS) regenerated fiber 15D – 7D 64 mm
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