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Green pigment

Green pigment oxide (Chromium oxide FEPREN G820, Czech Republic; Mineral pigment 234, Russia) – used in the construction industry for coloring concrete, paving slabs, tiles, artificial stone.

You can purchase pigments from Globalchim ​​LLC. Delivery of products is carried out to any region of the Republic of Belarus.

How to use chromium oxide

The dye is used to impart tint to such structural elements and building materials as:

  • concrete, concrete structures;
  • tiles for roof cladding;
  • fake diamond;
  • tile.

To obtain the desired shade, you need to add the powder to concrete or cement. Chromium oxide gives green color to materials due to the concentration of fine particles in the composition. The total share should not exceed 5%, otherwise building materials may lose important properties (such as strength, moisture and cold resistance), and the concrete solution will require more water.

The quantity is not strictly regulated; it depends on the intensity of the color you want to achieve. But the 5% threshold is a prerequisite.

Always follow the recommendations for storage conditions if you want the substance to retain its coloring properties for a long time.

Order green pigment

To order chromium oxide – a green pigment for building materials – contact us by phone or email. Company contacts are available in Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber messengers. You can also place an order directly on the website by leaving a request and providing contact information.

Pigments are sold in paper bags with a capacity of 25 kg. You can order wholesale and retail, delivery is carried out to any city in Belarus, pickup is also possible.

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