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PRETIOX FS titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide PRETIOX FS, Czech Republic is an ideal choice for paints, decorative paints, building plasters and concrete painting. Titanium dioxide guarantees flawless whiteness of the paint and the maximum possible opacity. At the same time, titanium dioxide provides high hiding power for the paints in which it is used, ahead of other white pigments. 

Advantages of Titanium dioxide

The pigment white titanium dioxide is a reliable assistant for creating high-quality colorful solutions. This pigment is safe for human health and is used to give whiteness and brightness to materials.

Due to its ability to reflect light and its resistance to environmental influences, white titanium dioxide is a popular choice for painting various surfaces. Its use as a pigment provides brightness and color fastness, making products attractive and durable. White titanium dioxide is the best choice among white pigments.

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