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PRETIOX AV01FG titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide PRETIOX AV01FG, Czech Republic — intended for use in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for coloring products. Titanium dioxide, white food grade, has high pigment properties that provide light resistance and dilution ability. This product is thermally and chemically stable, does not dissolve in water, dilute mineral acids and alkalis. Titanium dioxide is also characterized by good dispersibility and color saturation.

The benefits of food grade white titanium dioxide

The white food coloring titanium dioxide has a number of advantages that make it an ideal component for use in sunscreen and cosmetic products, such as:

protection from ultraviolet rays. Titanium dioxide PRETIOX AV01FG has a high level of protection from ultraviolet rays, which makes it possible to use it in cosmetics and sunscreens to protect the skin;

safety and hypoallergenic. The product does not cause irritation and allergic reactions, which allows it to be used on all skin types, including sensitive;

resistance to water and sweat. Titanium dioxide PRETIOX AV01FG does not wash off with water and sweat, guaranteeing reliable protection in all conditions.

maintaining the durability of paints and pigments. Titanium dioxide PRETIOX AV01FG helps to maintain the brightness and durability of paints and pigments in cosmetics, which makes them durable and resistant to fading.

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