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Fish meal

Fish meal is a feed of animal origin. It is recommended to use it as a balanced, easily digestible and nutritious ingredient, which makes it very popular as a source of protein in animal feed, animal husbandry and aquaculture.

The composition of fishmeal

Fishmeal is a very valuable source of high-grade animal proteins. Each kilogram of the product contains from 10 to 14.5 MJ of metabolic energy and up to 700 g of digestible protein. The digestibility of this feed by animals and poultry is 90-97%, which significantly exceeds the similar indicators of many plant sources of protein, such as soybean meal and legumes. Feed fish meal is rich in fats and Omega-3 fatty acids, has an average crude fat content of about 10%. Due to the high content of easily digestible proteins and fats, the energy value of feeds containing fishmeal significantly exceeds that of other feed additives

The minerals in fishmeal include such important trace elements as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which contribute to the formation of bone tissue and are involved in protein synthesis. This food contains 5-7 times more trace elements such as iron, manganese, zinc and cobalt than flour from terrestrial animals.

The flour in question is enriched with vitamins C and A, which have a beneficial effect on the immune system, vitamin D, which promotes the absorption of minerals and bone health, vitamin E, which supports the nervous system, and vitamin K, responsible for blood clotting. This product is also a significant source of vitamin B12 (up to 350 mcg/kg) and other B vitamins, but it contains a small amount of vitamin B1. 

Natural fish meal has a high value as a source of essential amino acids and is used to adjust the balance of amino acids in feed. When it is added to compound feed in a dosage of 5-7%, the needs of even broiler chickens in all the necessary amino acids are mainly met.

The content of trace elements in fishmeal, including amino acids, vitamins and minerals, contributes to the growth and maintenance of optimal physiological function of animals and farmed fish.

The use of fishmeal

To improve the quality of compound feeds and fattening rations, fish meal is used for piglets, chickens and fish. This product is also used to prevent animal diseases. 

Fishmeal is added to compound feeds to ensure an optimal balance of crude protein, amino acids, fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus and metabolic energy. Because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids, it helps to increase the production of the hormone progesterone, improving the reproductive properties of animals. 

Regular consumption of compound feeds with the addition of fishmeal leads to the following positive results:

  • the fertility of animals increases;
  • the cost of livestock production is reduced;
  • the growth of animals is accelerated;
  • the immune system of animals is stimulated;
  • the absorption of nutrients by the body increases. 

The quality of fishmeal

The quality of feed fish meal is subject to the state standard (GOST 2116-2000). The main criteria for high-quality flour are: protein content, fat content, shelf life from the moment of manufacture, storage conditions, degree of grinding, the presence of vitamins, amino acids, natural raw materials and the absence of impurities. Also, the quality of flour is influenced by the freshness of the raw material, its appearance and the absence of any extraneous additives that affect the main quality characteristics. 

Production of fishmeal

Forage fish meal produced in Mauritania from catch made in the waters of the fishing fleet is a completely pure product that does not contain animal protein digesting animals or other additives of animal and vegetable origin. It is released in powder form with the addition of an antioxidant approved by the state veterinary control authorities. The crude protein content is at least 65%, the moisture content does not exceed 10%, and the fat content is 10%. 

Produced in accordance with GOST 2116-2000, fishmeal in bags meets the standards of this document and meets veterinary and sanitary standards (VSP 10-2011-2018).

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