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Iron oxide yellow

Iron oxide yellow (FEPREN Y710, Czech Republic; Zh-1, Ukraine) is used in the construction industry for painting concrete, paving tiles, roofing tiles, artificial stone, for the production of paints, primers and fillers.

The recommended percentage of colouring pigment is 2–5 % of the weight of the binder (cement) and depends on the desired colour of the product, as well as economic feasibility. An increase in the amount of pigment in concrete to more than 5 % may result in excessive content of fine fraction, higher water requirement of the concrete mixture and deterioration of the technological properties of concrete (lower strength, frost resistance, etc.).

Iron oxide yellow has many advantages: weather resistance, light fastness, non-toxic, heat resistance, fine dispersion, alkali resistance, exquisiteness. It perfectly colors materials and is widely used in the manufacturing sector. It is used to paint prefabricated reinforced concrete and building products, architectural glass, ceramics, and is used in the production of magnetic materials.

Properties of iron oxide

This is an inorganic substance that is obtained in the form of a fine crystalline powder of different shades – from bright yellow to brown. It melts at a temperature of 350-400 ℃, does not dissolve in water and alcohol, but it can be influenced by acid.

Yellow pigment is produced using different methods depending on the conditions of use. The level of hydration, physical qualities and structure of the material change, but the main qualities remain unchanged – it is distinguished by its coloring ability and resistance to exposure:

  • alkalis;
  • light rays;
  • high and low temperatures.

Areas of application of iron oxide

The pigment is added to different types of paints, including water-soluble, anti-corrosion, and oil-based. Iron oxide is used to stain:

  • cement parts;
  • architectural surfaces;
  • plastic;
  • rubber and other materials.

Pigment extraction is carried out by production companies in mines. The material can be stored for a long time if all conditions are met. Do not forget that you should avoid getting moisture into it. Iron oxide is the basis for other materials.

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