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Iron oxide brown

Brown iron oxide (FEPREN HM470A, Czech Republic; BAUCOLOR 686, Poland) – used in the construction industry for coloring concrete, paving slabs, tiles, artificial stone.

The company Globalchim ​​LLC offers to order brown pigment with delivery throughout Belarus. The pigment is sold in paper bags, the weight of one such bag is 25 kg.

How to use brown pigment

To achieve the desired shade, just add brown iron oxide to the binder mass (cement). The amount of dye should not exceed 5% of the cement volume, but often the effect begins to appear already at 2%.

Used for tinting:

  • tiles;
  • concrete;
  • tiles;
  • artificial stone.

For a brighter color, you need to add a larger percentage of the coloring element. Exceeding the 5% threshold is highly undesirable due to the likelihood of undesirable effects, such as a decrease in strength. To ensure that the material retains the necessary properties and exactly meets your color requirements, carefully calculate the amount of pigment.

Consult with the store to get an idea of ​​how the substance can be used to tint different building materials.

Features of the use of brown pigment – iron oxide

BAUCOLOR and FEPREN brown pigment looks like a fine brown powder and gives a bright and pronounced brown color.

If you are working with concrete and hot pressing it, the shade may change when exposed to high temperatures. To avoid this, brown iron oxide must be thermally stabilized.

Coloring does not occur due to a chemical reaction, as is the case with some other pigments. The effect is achieved by the penetration of small particles into the main composition. Therefore, the resulting shade depends so much on the concentration of the substance.

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