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Mineral additives for animals

We sell mineral supplements for animals that contribute to the health of the livestock and the growth of the performance parameters of livestock farms. The daily diet of animals should be balanced and, should include mineral elements in addition to nutrients and vitamins. The lack of nutrients can cause various diseases, as well as reduce the productivity of livestock.

The substances supplied by us are a complex of minerals that are required by the body for the daily work of various physiological functions. In particular, we offer:

  • Ferrous sulphate feed grade FeSO4
  • Sodium sulphate feed grade Na2SO4
  • Zinc oxide feed grade ZnO
  • Zinc sulphate monohydrate feed grade ZnSO4
  • Manganese sulphate monohydrate feed grade MnSO4·H2O
  • Magnesium oxide feed grade MgO
  • Copper sulphate feed grade CuSO4
  • Sepiolite Mg4(OH)2·6H2O
  • Bentonite Al2(ОH)2·nH2О

There are no growth hormones in the additives sold. They are absolutely safe for the health of the animal. However, mineral additives should only be added to animal feed after consultation with a veterinarian. Exceeding the daily allowance of various substances can harm the animal or aggravate existing problems. We only sell products from reliable manufacturers. Buying from us, you protect yourself from possible fakes.

The addition of minerals to cattle feed provides the following benefits:

  • prevents hoof diseases;
  • improves metabolism;
  • prevents hair loss, strengthens it;
  • increases in milk yield;improves the taste and quality of milk;
  • contributes to the birth of healthy offspring;
  • improves appetite and digestibility of nutrients by animals;
  • regulates the body’s water-salt balance.

By adding essential minerals to animal feed, livestock health is ensured. Ensure the prevention of disorders of the musculo-skeletal system in cattle. This is important for young animals, in which intensive bone formation occurs. Otherwise, young animals can get rickets.

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