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Zinc sulfate buy

Zinc sulfate

We invite you to buy zinc sulfate for use in industrial production and agriculture in the company Globalchim LLC. This substance is a white crystalline powder or crystals that evaporate in air. It is obtained by evaporation and crystallization from solutions.

In agricultural production, it is used in case of insufficient zinc content in feed and water to balance the diet of animals.

Zinc sulphate exists in several forms as zinc sulfate monohydrate (zinc sulfate monohydrate, zinc sulfate). Its chemical formula: ZnSO4xH2O. And zinc sulfate 7-water (zinc sulfate heptahydrate, zinc vitriol). Its chemical formula: ZnSO4x7H2O. This substance is used to prepare seeds for sowing and for foliar fertilizing of crops during the growing season.


  • for the manufacture of glaze and mineral paint;
  • in laboratory practice;
  • in the pulp and paper industry – bleach;
  • in the textile industry – mordant;
  • in the chemical industry;
  • in pharmaceuticals and medicine – the manufacture of eye drops, in dentistry;
  • in the production of artificial fibers, viscose;
  • in metallurgy (flotation reagent), in electroplating;
  • in batteries and chemical energy sources;
  • in agriculture – as a microfertilizer and feed additive.
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