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Iron vitriol

iron vitriol buy

We offer to buy iron vitriol from a reliable supplier of chemical raw materials from the world’s leading manufacturers, in the company Globalchim LLC. This substance is an antiseptic agent belonging to the group of fungicides, iron sulfate 47%, a water-soluble powder, which is used as a fertilizer in agriculture.

Iron is of great importance for the development of plant crops. This element occupies a particularly important place in the respiratory system of the plant. Iron vitriol is the only means capable of enriching plants with iron in a form that is assimilated for them. Therefore, if you want to see a rich harvest on your site, make sure that the plants are provided with enough iron.

Iron vitriol is used to feed fruit and berry, decorative, flower crops, lawns for the prevention and treatment of plants from chlorosis, which is formed when large doses of lime are added to the soil or as a result of a lack of mobile forms of iron on alkaline soils. Chlorosis causes weak growth of shoots, underdevelopment of leaves, poor development of fruits, and as a result, a decrease in yield. Particularly sensitive to iron deficiency are apple trees, pears, peaches, raspberries, plums, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes and roses.

The proposed substance is in great demand among gardeners and gardeners, as it is used for various purposes:

  • for pest control;
  • as mineral fertilizers;
  • for preventive treatment and treatment of erosion and other damage on trees;
  • to eliminate the fungus;
  • for processing cellars and basements where the crop is located.
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