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Dyes for concrete

dyes for concrete

Dyes for concrete are dry powders that are added to the concrete solution in order to give it a certain color. In fact, these are solution fillers, an integral part of it, insoluble in aqueous solutions.

Globalchim LLC sells high-quality concrete-coloring substances, which make it possible to obtain a wide range of options for coloring concrete products. In particular, our company offers the following pigments:

  • Red: TP303, TP-100, TP-105.
  • Brown: HM470A, SHD-430.
  • Yellow: Y710.
  • Black: BP510A, B-610.
  • Green: G820 – chromium oxide.

Pigmenting concrete substances are characterized by a number of properties that directly depend on their constituent chemical components. In particular, they have the following physicochemical properties:

  1. Dispersion is one of the most important parameters that characterizes any dye. Thus, a coloring substance has a higher coloring power and hiding power if its constituent particles are smaller and thinner. The polydispersity of the pigment makes it possible to achieve a dense coating under conditions of minimal binder consumption.
  2. Covering power is the ability of a dye to make this surface invisible when applied to a single-color surface in an even layer. The best covering power is achieved if the pigmenting substances have a particle size in the range of 0.2 – 10 microns.
  3. Coloring ability – this property characterizes the intensity with which the dyes give their color to the white concrete mixture.
  4. Light fastness – indicates how much the pigment is able to retain its color under exposure to ultraviolet, that is, sunlight. It should be noted that, in general, natural pigments have a high color fastness, although some of them lose their color over time.
  5. Alkali resistance indicates whether the pigments are resistant to the negative effects of the alkaline environment, which characterizes the cement slurry.

Thus, the quality of the product to be painted depends on how high the above parameters are for concrete coloring additives. Globalchim LLC sells only high quality chemicals.

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