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Coloring pigment for concrete

Iron oxide pigments for concrete

High quality FEPREN concrete pigments are distinguished by their high content of iron oxide. Due to this, they can provide a purer color of the dyed products. At the same time, iron oxide dyes are not environmentally dangerous, they are resistant to various negative atmospheric influences. Their coloring power is very high. If you buy the proposed substances, then the quality of the coloring of your products will be high.

We offer the following pigments

  • Red TP303, TP-100, TP-105 – coloring for concrete, paints and varnishes.
  • Brown HM470A, SHD-430 – coloring for concrete, paints and varnishes.
  • Yellow Y710 – concrete coloring, paints and varnishes.
  • Black BP510A, B-610 – concrete staining, paints and varnishes.
  • Green G820 – chromium oxide.

Specifications for FEPREN Iron Oxide Pigments

The use of iron oxide pigments for concrete

Dosage sheet

Anti-corrosion pigment JACOR

Anti-corrosion pigment JACOR

Anticorrosive pigment JACOR Fe1 iron oxide red.

Properties of anticorrosive pigment JACOR Fe1

  • the dye is characterized by an exceptionally high shade depth and coloring ability;
  • high color fastness;
  • resistance to weather conditions.


The high quality and performance characteristics of concrete mix pigments have led to their widespread use as dyes not only in the construction industry in the production of building materials. The iron oxides offered by our company are used both for coloring concrete and in the production of paints and varnishes, various enamels. They have excellent compatibility with most film formers.

If you do not know what quantity of a coloring substance to buy to perform a specific amount of work, contact the specialists of our company. You will receive comprehensive advice on this issue. The price of the dye affects the final cost of products. Therefore, it is important to decide on the amount to be used.

In general, it must be taken into consideration that the color of the concrete product to be painted depends not only on the amount of dyes added to it, but also on the composition of the concrete mixture.

So, as a result of evaporation of excess water from concrete, small pores remain in it. The light falling on the surface is scattered by these pores and the material appears lighter.

In the process of coloring concrete, the color of the cementitious binder occurs. Therefore, if coloring agents are added to products with different cement contents, a more intense color will be obtained where the concrete mixture contains a greater amount of cement.

Thus, dyes must be bought in cases where you want to increase the decorative value of your products, and hence their value in monetary terms. With the same labor costs in production, this will bring you additional profit.

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